My photography offers a genuine and joyful style paired with soft and dreamy tones for a nostalgic feel.

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September 7, 2023

Tips for using props to elevate your portraits

Tips for using props to elevate your portraits from a family and motherhood photographer

Using props to elevate your portraits can be a great way to add some uniqueness to your images! Maybe your wanting your family portraits to have a little something extra? Or your looking for a way to really showcase your personality? Wether it be for aesthetic and stylistic purposes or to showcase some uniqueness, adding some physical elements can be a great way to do that! Here I will go over some of my favorite ways for adding props into your family and motherhood session that help bring some uniqueness to your images without being over powering or stealing the spotlight.

Hats! Ladies this one is for you!

Adding a beautiful stylish hat to your images can be a great way to add a little something extra. The key is choosing the right hat to fit the scenery and match with the aesthetic of your families wardrobe. The larger brim style sun hats are often a great choice, they photography beautifully and tend to look very chic. They also go beautifully with different scenery options such as a tall grassy field, or maybe a beautiful flower garden! One thing I do always recommend when adding a hat to your session is to take some with your hat on and then some without. That way you have a nice balance and the hat does not become “to much” in your gallery.

Another great way to add some uniqueness to your images is by using florals!

I love when clients add in some florals to their session, it gives a very elegant and feminine feel to the images. You can add florals into your images in multiple ways. Maybe you choose a location that has a dreamy flower garden, or you add in some bouquets and loose flowers. That being said I do like to apply the same rule with florals as I do with hats by not incorporating them in all your images. It’s usually best to break things up a little bit.


This one is great for families with a new born or a little one thats under a few months old. Adding in a woven floor basket can be a sweet way to show case some love between you and your little one. We obviously want to see you giving your sweet babe some snuggles! But sometimes when little ones are getting fussy and needing a little space from all the family snuggles, placing them in a basket while you talk to them and hold their little finger can give them a nice break.

Last but not least a picnic blanket!

Do not under estimate what a blanket can do for your images. Having a blanket gives you a chance to break things up, from doing some fun games and walking with your kiddos to having them join you on a blanket for some cuddles under that before sunset glow! It also give your kids a chance to change things up and do a little something different. Young kiddos can ofter get bored easily and ready to move on to something new so this helps with giving them a little change.

I hope you have found this helpful, and are left with feeling confident in adding props into your next family session!

“Laken went above & beyond with our family shoot. From the outfit to the venue, she didn’t let a single detail slip by. She was so patient with my littles during the shoot, dressed us so beautifully and made us all so comfortable the entire time. I highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed!”

– Katie C.

Love Katies flowers from her motherhood images? Design your own florals for your upcoming session with Sarah!

Laken Brown Photography is a full service photography experience in Bentonville, Arkansas. My photography offers a genuine and joyful style paired with soft and dreamy film tones for a nostalgic feel. My goal is to create a portrait experience that allows you to truly enjoy your day.

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